Artist Statement

As a former antiques dealer I am fascinated with the craft and history of items made by hand, especially textiles. This interest led me to focus on the restoration of antique quilts and hooked rugs for over 30 years. I am intrigued with how these common and every day items reveal a very personal and intimate view into the lives, times and creative expressions of the often-anonymous person who made them. These objects, usually made by women, expose a very personal and intimate view into their society.

I am inspired by the connection, value and importance of textiles, commonly referred to as “women’s work”, in all aspects of general life: political, social, religious, economic, personal and charitable. These hand-made textiles, often considered the whimsies of idle hands are historical documents as important and valid as treaties, buildings and statues.  My experience with restoration broadened my intent with textiles and I began to more fully explore my own ability to use fibers as a creative medium. I too, wanted to be an active and creative participant in this heritage of hand-made textile chronicles.

I often use repurposed personal items, those things, which on one level have no worth: worn out socks, torn and faded T-shirts and discarded clothing. These fabrics of everyday life are transformed into works with a new value and intention. They begin a new history and nurture a connection to the lives of those distanced by time. I have become part of the continuum that I had so admired and appreciated restoring for 30 years.